Beauty inside and out

Children find beauty highly important. They are very occupied with it. To find out what beauty means to you as a child, there is the Beautysalon. This is a creative activity for children in the primary school age. Here we explore beauty inside and out.

Delicious, healthy and more beautiful!

It is Saturday and we are in a school with fifteen children. Today we’re making smoothies with different kinds of fruit, yogurt and honey. “Why, miss, what has this actually got to do with beauty?” one of the girls asks. I ask the same question back: “What has this got to do with beauty; what you think yourself?” It’s silent for a moment, but then hands are raised and the children start calling. “It’s delicious! It’s healthy! It makes you more beautiful!”

beautysalon BeautysalonInspiration for at home

Sure enough, they are right. I tell the group that healthy food makes you more beautiful. And then they get to work, as this idea sounds very attractive to them! They choose their own fruit combination and of course they munch on the honey. At the end of the class they get some recipes to take home with them, and one of the girls says: “Oh, that’s great, now I can finally explain to my mother how to make a smoothie. We’ve never done that before. Then we all become very healthy and beautiful and radiant!”


The Beautysalon is one of the educational programs of De TOREN van Klinker. In ten gatherings beauty inside and out is taken into account in a cosy and delightful manner. The Beautysalon can also be organised as a children’s party.
De TOREN van Klinker organizes creative and educational workshops and activities for various groups. A workshop is always special, always creative and always a discovery.

Delicious, healthy and beautiful inside and out; who doesn’t want that!

Photo credits: Mirjam van Klink en Lisan Akkerman