Energy boost with smoothie

On a cold January morning I felt tired and the flu was lurking. It was really time for an energy boost. Since I did a mild detox last year, I know the power a smoothie can give you. A smoothie can help you to detox, but can also serve as a tasty breakfast, a boost or a drink to fight flu. There are lots of recipes in cookbooks and on the internet, but I usually make my own variation.

Seasonal fruits

I always try to use seasonal fruits as much as possible, although in winter we’re relying on fruit imported from warm countries. I took all the fruit I had at home, including some immune enhancing ingredients such as turmeric and ginger, and put it all together in the blender.


My blender quickly turns everything into a smooth mass. There are blenders of different quality and I purchased a Magimix blender, because it literally cuts small everything. Vegetables or unpeeled fruit become soft and tasty in no-time. The cleaning takes quite a lot of time, but after that this robust device quickly finishes the job. Highly recommended if you want to make smoothies more often.

The energy smoothie not only looks delicious, it’s also very fresh and opens up your taste buds. The smoothie gives you an immediate boost. You are fully recharged and you can handle the day again.


o 1 kiwi fruit
o 1 banana
o 1 grapefruit
o 1 lemon
o 1 tbs. walnuts
o 1 grated coconut
o 1 tbs. hempseed
o 1 tbs. poppyseed
o 1 tsp. organic cacao
o 1 tsp. cinnamon
o 1 tsp. turmeric (can also be fresh)
o 1 splash maple syrup
o 1 cm ginger

Don’t you have time to make a smoothie yourself? These days there are many cafes and restaurants that have smoothies on their menu. Or have a look in the supermarket, although there the smoothies aren’t always as fresh. The more fresh, the more vitamins and that definitely has my preference.

Are you feeling off and is the flu emerging? Then try this smoothie!

Photo credits: Jasper de Waal