Eyes; dry and red?

On those days that you need the central heating to keep warm, the air inside the house or in the indoor environment is often very dry. If you are sensitive to it, you will quickly suffer from dry and red eyes. A humidifier or just a bowl of water can help. But also substances in the air, allergy or menopause can make the eyes irritable.


In spring and also a period in summertime, there are pollen in the air. Which can provide an allergic reaction, such as a runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. Very annoying if you are prone to.


During menopause the hormone estrogen decays. As a result, the moisture content of the mucous membrane decreases and you will also notice this with the moisture in your eyes.

Solution for dry eyes

I discovered ‘Ogentroost’ as a handy tool; in the morning one drop in each eye is enough for me to be able to reduce the itching and dryness. On the packaging it says even up to three times a day. I really really benefit from it! The flower from which the product is made is very beautifull as you can see!

droge en jeukende ogen

Of course it can also work…

the old-fashioned way: dip a cotton pad in boiled water (cooled) and ‘flush’ the eyes towards the corner of the eye. Do it in the morning and in the evening. Instead of water, you can also use cooled chamomile tea bags; this works purifying and soothing. Make sure that there is no grit left behind in the water, your eyes wont like it, it can damage the eyes.


my preference goes to the bottle of ‘Ogentroost’; it’s easy to use and you can just put the bottle in your bag! I’m using ‘Ogentroost’ by Weleda, but there are obviously also other brands available.