How Shiatsu brought balance

Almost thirteen years ago, after coming out of a failed relationship with a Swede, I came back to the Netherlands to make a new start. I visited an information day of spiritual centre De Roos and bumped into Maartje Huibers, which I knew from softball.She invited me to get acquainted with Zen Shiatsu massage to experience how meditative it is. And I knew I was always going to do something with massage. When my father was ill, I massaged him a lot and my nephews and niece find it nice to be massaged by me. Apparently now the time had come to do something with it.

I went to her trial lesson and knew right away: this is it! The touching, to adapt and to experience a substantial change with the customer felt like coming home. After a ten-week course I decided to do the vocational training Zen Shiatsu ( It has brought me where I am now, with a private practice for shiatsu massage, and thanks to the training I can give direction to my sensitivity.

Pressure point massage

Zen Shiatsu is a meditative form of shiatsu developed by Masunaga. Shiatsu is the Japanese word for pressure point massage. The purpose of this shiatsu massage is to balance the energy levels in your meridians or energy channels. Because I work on your pressure points, your body will have to get to work to let the energy flow again and bring your body in balance. I also work on chakra or aura level.

My treatments can help with:

• burn-out
• depression
• headaches
• menopause complaints
• fatigue
• insomnia
• bereavement
• back pain
• digestive complaints

The treatments are also suitable to get more in touch with your feelings and to learn how to deal with high sensitivity.

Would you like to get your energy more balanced; try a shiatsu-treatment and come in touch more with your feeling!

More information

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photocredits: Jasper de Waal