Menopause as a task

The menopause is not a sexy topic. Nevertheless, many women experienced the period after it as the most beautiful of their lives. One with more space, less worries and less bothered by the opinion of others.

Ancient power

The female ancient power is basically focused on connection. This ancient power helped by hormones, enables woman from puberty to pull, to carry a baby, to give birth, to achieve ideals, to mobilize teams and to be involved.

This strength helps us to get through sleepless nights, to fight for the happiness of loved ones and preserve relations. But this force is not only loving and giving. It is also this power what makes you possessive and jealous, not free and uncertain.

Repentance and reflection

After a phase of worries and generate income, a phase of repentance and reflection begins. Women get naturally a number of hormones which makes us meditative and strengthening our intuition. These hormones come from the beginning of the menopause to a higher level. That makes the path to the menopause pre-eminently a path to our real self. It also shows you witch obstacles stand in the way.

Accepting, facing it, letting go, forgiving yourself but also the other is part of this stage. Major themes, not always easy, but with a lot of room making and liberation in itself.

Transformation process

This process of transformation is accompanied by emotions, hot flashes, mood swings in all gradations. Take the time to listen to what’s going on in you. Take yourself and your body seriously. Meditate, dance, write and make a walk. Face this phase with confidence. Once through the menopause you will shine with your light, wisdom and love.


Together with her colleague Joke Metselaar, Edith Hammond provides courses and workshops; Door Overgang naar Overgave (From menopause to Surrendering). You can still follow a workshop on the 10th of 17th June. You can sign in by mailing

Photo credits: Edith Hammond