Feet reflect your body

Did you know that feet reflect your body? This is the basic assumption of foot reflexology. Foot reflex masseuse Ellen Beerepoot tells us more about it. According to foot reflexology all organs and body parts are connected by energy flows with a certain reflex zone in your foot. With massage and pressure on reflex points in the foot blockades are lifted. This recreates balance in the corresponding organs. Your body continuously seeks this balance and this natural tendency is supported by foot reflexology. It is a treat for body and mind.

Foot reflex massage: to relax and to prevent

Foot reflex massage finds its origin in China. The Chinese not only massage the reflex zones, but also the meridian channels and acupuncture points. Meridians are energy channels that run throughout the whole body and give off energy.

In a foot reflex massage the knees and lower leg are always massaged as well. In doing so, the effect of the foot reflex massage becomes much stronger, also because it initiates a great circulation. Among other things, it provides more energy; it creates intense relaxation and deep sleep; it improves the digestion, removes toxic substances and boosts the immune system. In China foot reflex massage is used preventively in order to remain vital up to an old age. In short, it’s good for your balance, relaxation and health. And on top of that, it feels wonderful.

Foot reflex massage in case of complaints

Foot reflex massage can help you in case of physical complaints because the foot reflex zones and reflex points of the feet are connected to the various organs, nerves, glands and joints. The origin and progress of the complaints are discussed and through the massage the related weakened organs can be restored or strengthened. All kinds of complaints can be reduced in the case of disbalance, but also when it comes to the seriously ill and pregnant women for example.

Try a foot massage?

In Amsterdam there are various foot reflex therapists where you can try a foot reflex massage. Sometimes the treatment is compensated. Look on the website nvvt or vnrt. You are also welcome at Ellen’s, who’s passion is foot reflex massage; she puts her heart and soul into her work. Look on www.beerepootvoetmassages.nl.

Photo credits: Ellen Beerepoot