The spiritual center de Roos is since 2001 located at the Vondelpark. If you go down the PC Hooftstraat you will see on your left a beautiful 19e-century villa. The terrace with garden and trees are eye-catching. Where do you find such a spot in the park? De Roos offers space for workshops, lectures and special events in the field of consciousness and spirituality.

Food and drinks

Upon entering there is the Theehuis (tea house) where you can order among others, smoothies and coffee or lunch with homemade soups, cakes and sandwiches. If you take the stairs up, you come in the beautiful, authentic conservatory, where you can drink your cup of tea. There is also the entrance to the shop in the original salon of the villa.

In the shop

There is a good selection of recent Dutch and English books in the field of consciousness, philosophy, health, meditation and psychology. If the book what you are looking for is not available, then they like to order it for you. Singing bowls, from small too large, are displayed on a beautiful table, ready to try. The department shamanism makes you happy, beautiful power objects such as rattles and smudge-feathers. Nowhere in the city you can find such a wide range of sage and natural resins. The great diversity of minerals, small stones but also large pieces, is a feast for the eyes. Here you will really find a present. And you will get documentation on the functioning of the stones. In the shop are statues of Buddha and various thangka’s (Tibetan Buddhist paintings). When you follow yoga lessons then you can get your mat here. The choice of meditation cushions is large. And you may try them in the quiet room, an example of the generous service. In addition to all the surprising gifts that are present, the shop of de Roos seems to be a beautiful reflection of what happens in de Roos.

OASIS in the city

De Roos is still largely run by volunteers. And that atmosphere you feel right away; It is a sacred place. An oasis in the city. Center the rose, PC Hooftstraat 183. Open every day. See also their website or Facebook page for more information.