Clarity and protect yourself?

I once read a column by Tijn. You might know him: … Tijn Touber is the man who was in a monastery for 10 years and who is now a sort of spiritual guru. People regularly asked him if didn’t have to protect himself from negative influences and people. To my delight his conclusion was that life is there to be lived, with all its bits and pieces. So no, he didn’t need to protect himself.

Doing something in order not to feel

Indeed, life is there to be lived. Most of the time we only want the fun, the good and the cheerfulness. Or the extravagant, the lively and the happiness. But that’s not how life works. There is also misfortunes, sadness, mourning, pain and illness. I received quite a bit of it myself. A burnout twenty years ago, depression, and I’m a sensitive person ever since. For a while I was running from it. These feelings of anxiety and sadness. I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Making appointments, work, I wanted to do something in order to not feel anything.

Emotions are allowed

It took some getting used, when I started the Clarity Process eight years ago. Instead of running away, I had to approach it. My god, what a hell! You don’t want that, to feel your sadness, your pain. But every time I had done a Clarity exercise and I brought myself back to this moment, I felt good. What a relief, what a freedom, what a relaxation in my body. Blockades were cleared out. Just by facing the emotions. Stay with it. To breathe. And not to judge. And to listen. To listen to myself. To my worries, my fear, my anger. What was happening in my subconsciousness? I had hidden that part away for years and years. In the hope it was gone and would stay away.

Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Anything you hide away (in your subconsciousness) is still there and presses, pushes and pulls, just as long until you want to see it and shine the light of this moment on it. Hence my burnout.

Nowadays I take time to let my sadness, fears and pain be there. To look at it and to breathe. Until it has died down and I’m left with my breathing and this overpowering moment.

Emotions are allowed; and that brings relief! 

If you also want to experience that emotions are allowed,