Consciously saying goodbye

We often say goodbye to each other. We say “See you soon!”, “Until tonight” or “Until next week!”. We wave, give a kiss and we separate. But occasionally we say a final farewell.

Dealing with goodbye

It happens to all of us: a human being will pass away eventually. Body and soul are separated definitely. Or someone you knew deceased, someone you loved. Someone who stood close to you or further away. The body is the last thing the circle of loved ones, family and friends stand around. It is said goodbye to. Which is not easy. How do you do that actually; saying goodbye to those who are no longer completely here.

Farewell ritual

An important moment for this is the funeral or memorial service. Beautiful words are often spoken here. Good features are to be called out. An apt anecdote comes with it. A smile arises when holiday memories are shared by friends. When the music sounds, which is so matching, the chills run passed your spine. A poem is read out: words that show so intensely what the deceased was like. They make an impression. There are candles lit and flowers laid. We are experiencing an intense moment.

Gradually a picture creates in our memories of who remains with us. It is always a special and unique story of a unique human being. A person who has lived with his heart and soul. Who has experienced happiness but also difficulties. Someone who loved and was loved; who has lived and celebrated life.

Always in remembrance

There will be no body left, but the soul lives on in anyone who has known him or her. People who are no longer there, continue to live on in the next of kin. You say goodbye to the person who is no longer there, but especially also for everyone who goes on with renewed and full attention to continue his life.


Photocredits: Mirjam van Klink