Beautiful feet at the pedicurist

Why is it we don’t give our feet the attention they deserve, by, for example, bringing a visit to the pedicurist?

“It’s incredible to see people walking in here dressed top-notch, but when they take off their shoes untended feet appear.”

Pedicure 3Brigitte Refos, my pedicurist, thinks that attention for feet should be obvious. “Feet support you, make you firmly grounded and take you further.” In the meantime she expertly removes my callus and cuts my nails.

My relationship with my feet is one with difficult moments. They’re not very big, but not plump either. A former boyfriend refused to walk beside me if I wore certain slippers. I have a hallux-valgus toe; a toe that is pointed inwardly and callus grows on it rather quickly. It runs in the family and there is nothing I can do about it. That is why I regularly go to Brigitte’s practice, at a beautiful spot in the south of Amsterdam with a view on a beautiful garden.

I have been visiting her for a while now, my callus is gone and I feel more connected with my own feet. That’s great, because in my work I regularly walk barefoot and I often have to explain things by means of my own feet. I also love to dance barefoot, so I’d like them to be immaculate. And did you know that the more you walk barefoot, the less flaws you develop? And at the end, it is also a moment when you indulge yourself.

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Photo credits: Lisan Akkerman