The day of …

Almost every day of the year is known as a “day of ‘, for example, this week:

o 2 October: day of the non-violent resistance.

o 3 October: World MSA day. MSA is an incurable brain disease. Read more.

o October 4: animal day and day of medication safety

o Also very special, 8 October: World Zombie day

If you want to know which ‘ Day ‘ it is, Please visit the site ‘ Fijne dag van (fine day of)’. It will amaze you which Days there are. I found the ones above. Especially nice, you also find a lot of background information. But the day that is not (yet) in their agenda is 10 October: Sustainability day.

Monday 10 October

Sustainability, important of course because a sustainable lifestyle is ultimately good for our climate and our health. The sustainability day takes place for the 8th year. It is an initiative of and is organized by Urgenda. On the day, there are thousands of sustainable activities take place. They are organized by individuals, companies, civil society and governments. And what happens in Amsterdam, a small selection:

National Reading action on sustainability day

The day starts with the reading of a sustainable story on elementary schools and children’s farms throughout the country, including Amsterdam. For this is a special book written on the subject of ‘ Plastic ‘. It is a collection of short stories suitable for Group 1-8.

Presentation Sustainable Top 100

In Pakhuis de Zwijger this ranking list of the 100 most influential people in the Netherlands in the field of sustainability is presented. Moreover, newspaper Trouw publishes these annually.

Dutch Sustainable Fashion

From 7 to 16 October in hundreds of stores throughout the Netherlands sustainable fashion is made better visible. Also a in number of Amsterdam shops .

Bus along MVO leaders

DOinNWH (Sustainable enterprise in North West Holland) and DORA (sustainable enterprise Amsterdam region) are organizing a bus trip along sustainable enterprises in North Holland.

Residents Energy Day Amsterdam

Not a 10 but Friday 7 October. Excursions, lectures and project presentations for residents who want to be inspired to get started with energy saving.

Re: set movie night

A dose sustainable inspiration by movies, speakers and brands in Pakhuis de Zwijger.


You can also help, for example by participating in the action “turn your fridge off for 24 hours”. You can sign up at this site you.

More information or want to join?