Remedies of Dr. Bach

Once upon a time there was a highly sensitive man. He could, by eating a piece of a plant or flower, feel for what condition the plant would be able to cure. He could see the positive quality of the blossoms of a plant or tree. His name was doctor Edward Bach.

Edward Bach

As a bacteriologist he ran a successful practice in London. But his urge to help people to be healthy and find happiness, were his motivation to give up his practice. To find a cure for all kind of people, it had to be cheap, easy to access and to use yourself at home. He wrote a book about it titled “Heal thyself”. Unlike the homeopathy, which he strongly supported, he wanted to find flowers and plants which are not toxic. This is the great innovation that Dr. Bach brought about 90 years ago.  (Source: Medical-Discoveries-Edward-Bach-Physician)


In his search for medicinal flowers and plants that are non-toxic to the body, he sometimes shortly suffered himself from a state of mind or emotion. In a very serious shape. For example, he was suffering from a depression. There was just -out of nowhere- a dark cloud covering him, through which he could see no ray of hope. And then he went looking for the right blossom, the correct remedy, against this condition. (Source: Medical-Discoveries-Edward-Bach-Physician)

Tried and tested remedies

When he would find a certain native English plant or tree, he would take a small piece of the blossoms and he would feel if there was relief. So he finally found 38 remedies. All Bach Blossom Remedies are made of blossoms and one of pure spring water. Over the years thousands of people have already found relief by Bach Blossom Remedies.

Stress, anxiety, restless

From a combination of five remedies Bach made the Rescue Remedy. That is a remedy that you can use in stressful situations. For example, you see a car accident happen on the street or you get yourself a accident and are completely upset. The other Bach Blossom remedies work for instance in the field of:

o uncertainty;
o gloom;
o not able to make choices;
o various types of fear;
o loneliness:
o restless;
o lack of action;
o not able to say no.
And all that without side effects!

Energetic field

Bach Blossoms do not work directly on the physical level, but on your ‘energy’, on your energetic field. The vibration of the blossom is taken over  what is causing a blockade and you can come back to your own positive forces. Would you like to discover what remedies can support you or book a consult, check out