Charge battery

Suffering from a cold a bit too often and regularly having little injuries. You’re sometimes snappy at work, or you can barely balance the work and family pressure. Recognize this? I’m a dancer of origin and my fitness is always excellent. Still I was continually suffering the following: regular headaches, colds, exhaustion. Annoying, especially next to my daily obligations as a mother. Until I got to know chi kung.


Chi kung is originally a Chinese discipline that is part of the internal martial arts. Chi kung helps to expand your resilience. That is exactly what I was looking for. Because of my intensive dancing and aikido training later,  I am sensitive to injuries and I actively have to make sure I charge my battery in time. I discovered that chi kung offers a complete way of ‘self-maintenance’ that you can incorporate into your daily life. As a result you’re better armed against the stress and pressure that comes your way.

Accessible exercises

Chi kung classes consist of doing accessible exercises. They are easy to remember and you can practice them anywhere. You explore how you stand, walk and move. You also look at how you relate toward somebody else, The basis of chi kung classes are the exercises in which you explore the dynamic of standing still. In doing so you try to connect with your core, in order to make it more resistant and stronger.

More energy for yourself

The general purpose of the classes is to let go off stress and tension, to recharge energy and to build more resistance and resilience. That way you learn to deal better with daily pressure or stress – physically as well as mentally and emotionally – and maintain more energy for yourself. Expand your resilience and recharge your battery with chi kung!

chi kung andra

Photo credits: Colin Malsingh

Andra Perrin