Yin yoga focused inwards

It could be that you too will hear around you: I’m going to go yin-ing. Yin yoga is hot! And what you may not know is that 90% of our time we are yang-ing. Slightly more yin doesn’t hurt!

A balance in yin and yang

Yin and yang, stillness and movement, hatred and love, passive and active, the one cannot be without the other. Balance and equilibrium is where the yin-yang symbol stands for. Too much of one or the other delivers an imbalance which can lead to complaints of physical or mental nature.


Racing to be on time, multitasking and pleasing everyone. It provides a lot of yang-activities: on the move, pressure and facing outwards.


yin 3There is also a need for yin: resting, to be in the moment and to be inwards. There is yin yoga. In the yin-lesson you will feel right away that it is ok! Sometimes you still have to change your mindset, after all, you’re laying there for 5 minutes in an attitude, a sort of ‘doing nothing’. But soon enough you will notice that there is a lot going on! You feel the emotions through your body, the energy flow, stiffness. You realise how much useless thoughts you have and feel the reaction of your body to that.

Energy flows

The energy lines, the meridian runs through the connective tissue of your body. There may arise blockages on those lines by emotions and experiences. Yin yoga brings the blockages back in movement and ensures that the energy flows.

Just take a look at the yoga school near you or check out my website back in balans for an overview of the workshops which are also accessible to non-members.

Feel like some rest: yin yoga is for everyone and is tailored to your unique body!


Photocredits: Patrick Raats