Peeling off layers

In the meantime I have been detoxing for a week and a half now and it’s actually going really well; it’s much easier than it was last year. After getting used to not having coffee, sugar and other toxic supplements, a bit of headache and muscle pain in the first few days and occasional heavy exhaustion, I’m starting to feel much fitter, more alert, happier and lighter. As if I have blown off a layer of dust of my vitality.

Feelings without dust

The focus on food itself is less prominent. I’m not hungry as quickly, and that’s why I can give more attention to other things. What occupies me this time, are my emotions. They are more outspoken, more on the surface. It seems as if normally, when I eat my ‘usual’ food, there is also a layer of dust covering my feelings. To see and feel what finds its way to the surface, is an interesting process to me, and I patiently try to give them a name or a place.

Of course the food still plays an important part and I enjoy spending hours in the kitchen. It is a challenge every day to think about which vegan, gluten free dishes I can cook that makes my family happy as well.

I get my inspiration from the many recipes Neel Schmidt shares with us during this spring detox and I also find a lot online. My favorite website is Jolijn’s Vegadutchie, which has many recipes that fit perfectly in the detox. Since last year I regularly make chick pea pancakes, a real treat with various toppings. This year the roasted yam with guacamole is my delicious discovery.

A great part of the detox is cooking together with the detoxers. We exchange many recipes and experiences! There is so much new deliciousness to be discovered and made; I actually find 21 days way too short. To be continued…

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