Suppen: stand up paddle

Now it’s summer, I want to be outside and move as much as possible. I prefer on or around water, because I love it! And I also like it to have a new challenge. What I’ve never tried is suppen (to sup). You see it more and more in Amsterdam: people on surfboards without a sail! It is called suppen, this stands for Stand up paddle. It originated in Hawaii by the lifeguards who were standing on their surfboard to keep an eye on the beginner surfers. By a long paddle, the suppers are able to stand on their board, in contrast to the ‘normal’ surfers who have to lie on their stomach, to paddle.

Healthy for several muscles

When you go on the water with your stand up paddle board, you will train multiple muscles. Suppen is not only healthy, but also a good work out. With paddle boarding you use 95% of your muscles. Almost without notice, you have a great workout. Suppen is for everyone. Other than most water sports suppen is easy to learn and thus accessible to a wide audience. For young and old a healthy way to move! Sometimes suppen is combined with a yoga warming up.

Suppen in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is beautiful or rather very beautiful from the water. You can see the city and the waters immediately around the city from a dinghy, water bike or a motor boat but lately you also see more suppers enjoying the beauty Amsterdam has to offer. In the canals but also on the lakes in and around Amsterdam there are plenty of places for suppen!

The following is an overview of some locations were you can sup, rent a board or can get instruction:

Give it a try and have a lot of fun!!!

And how does it look when you sup in Amsterdam?