Two women

This time I like to share with you two of my works at the same time, because they are intimately connected, two women: ‘Koningin’(Queen) and ‘Female power on the b(l)ackground’.



Koningin (Linde, height 106 cm)


Life under the skin The body is more than the muscles and bones, more than the physical inside. I see the outside and inside of the body as a physical expression of life that ‘lives’ in the body. Where words fail, the body speaks, as the most direct expression. That can be in form and gesture, posture or in wordless sound.

Over the years, I am increasingly become fascinated by our ‘vehicle’. First in wonder about the effect of touch on a body: muscles get soft, a body ‘ opens ‘ itself, which the recipient relaxes and find themselves. But touch can emotionally also stir up much of what is stored unconsciously. On a micro level cells respond on cells, and what was hidden away can show itself. In this way, with the right approach to the body old traumas can be processed. I therefore consider the body as an entrance to healing. It has its own language, its own intelligence. Sometimes it is wiser to be co-operative.

‘Koningin’ and ‘ Female Power on the B ackground (l) ‘ tell about, being able to wear what’s going on, in the broadest sense of the word.

In relation to what is outside the body as well to what is happening inside on emotional level.

‘KONINGIN’: Dignified and proud she wears


Female power on the b(l)ackground (American walnut, height 84 cm)


Created as a partner of and a variation on the ‘Koningin’, As support in the background. With next to the proud steadiness the release and sensuality. Dark next to light, Yin next to Yang. She has one breast as an expression of being androgynous and going her own way.


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Photo credits: Paul de Bie