To stimulate creativity

The children’s atelier is an initiative of visual artist Susann Rittermann. To have fun in the creative process is the centre of attention, to her. In this workshop children learn to play with shapes and materials. And they learn to enjoy this process, without only thinking about the goal. They can paint, draw, paste, drill and make their own soap. In short, it’s a wonderful way of being creative in a group with other children.

What is art

The children’s atelier wants to show children that art is above all a certain way of working, a way to make something. According to the children’s atelier it has first of all to do with finding answers, to be in doubt, to try, experiment, decide that it can be better and start again. That’s a nice counterpart for children in this target-oriented society in which we live in. Because, what can you still openly doubt about these days?

After school care

Nice for parents: the children’s atelier also offers after school care. Susann even picks your children up when they’re on Montessori school De Pinksterbloem. According to the testimonials the children get back  full of pride, self-confidence and cheerful after an afternoon in the children’s atelier.

Kids parties

The children atelier also organises kids parties. You can choose from different themes and the children go home proud with a self created work of art. The themes are sewing with the sewing machine, soap casting or soapstone. You can also come up with a theme and discuss this further with Susann. A kids party costs € 150 including all materials, drinks and goodies. Up to 10 children can participate per party so every child still gets enough attention.

Book Werkstatt Giessen

Susann Rittermann of the children’s atelier made a great book full of funny ideas to pour concrete and other liquid materials into a mold and to let it harden. Please note that the book is written in German.

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You can order the book at BOL, click here.