Mindfeelness with the Body scan 2.0

Are you in your head a lot and do you sometimes forget the body? Then the Body scan 2.0 might be something for you. A body scan helps you to bring attention to your body, so you become more aware of it. This happens by listening to a voice that guides the attention through your body

New: double guidance by voice and touch

New is the Body scan 2.0. I felt I could increase the effect of body exploration as part of the mindfulness training. That was the reason for developing the Body scan 2.0. It’s a new approach that expands voice guidance with punctual touching. The touching makes perception and body part coincide more (Samadhi in Sanskrit). This will help you with your self-examination.

Better focus, concentration and peace

The Body scan 2.0 is disconnected from the standard curriculum in Mindfulness training. The exploration preferably takes place on a massage table with a participant and a guide. In a regular body scan language and sound are transformed into focused attention. Thereby diversion can arise through things such as the wording. That is why Body scan 2.0 adds the sense ‘touch‘. Touch stimulates the awareness, in addition to guidance by voice. The attention leads to a better focus and creates concentration and peace (Samatha in Sanskrit). This stimulates the awareness and perception. In this method the flow of attention is initiated through guided movement of the breath (Anapanasati in Sanskrit).


A careful preparation is important in the Body scan 2.0. That is why we take time for an admission interview. We discuss your sensitive points on a mental, emotional and physical level. We obviously respect your limits. First we determine your intention. During the debriefing of 45 minutes I make you remember the perception (the literal translation of Sati, the original term for Mindfulness in Buddhism). There is also space for a short guided meditation.

Mindfulness training

The Body scan 2.0 is part of the 8-week Mindfulness training that is offered by various teachers. I’m offering this training for advanced and beginning students, spread out over 15 evenings in Huis van de Wijk Geuzenveld in Amsterdam (eigenwijks.nl/geuzenveld).

Simon de Jong brings you insight and awareness with mindfulness techniques!