Natural Bach remedies

Generally children are well capable to deal with physical and emotional flaws and they usually recover quickly. Still, children can also hide their feelings; maybe because they are incapable of putting them into words or because they intuitively feel this is going to give trouble. Children will have to learn to deal with their negative and positive experiences. Bach Blossoms can help them with that.

Why Bach Blossoms?

1 Bach Blossoms don’t have side effects.
2 They are drops you can add to a juice, water or milk.
3 Children usually respond quick and well to Bach Blossom Remedies.

Application with children

For which emotions or complaints you can give Bach Blossoms to children?
o Sleeping problems
o Nightmares
o Fear of doctor, dentist, dogs, et cetera
o Being busy
o Posessiveness towards one of the parents for example
o Jalousy

There are of course many more emotions or complaints for which you can use Bach Blossoms.


Mother and child

It’s always sensible to not only give your kids a of remedies bottle, but yourself as well. An example: your child is afraid of the doctor. The way you respond to this as a mother or a father is important for your child in its attempt to let go of the fear and turn it into trust. Sometimes parents react impatiently, angry, or they start to worry. At that moment the child needs a parent who can be loving and clear. That is why I also give the parents a bottle of Bach Blossom Remedies to take home.

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Photo credits: Hanneke Sloof