Better concentration and less sleep

Meditation is healthy and science finds more and more evidence. Take a look below for the positive impacts of daily meditation.

Effects of meditation

1. Works against aging of the brain. People who regularly meditate, have in old age measurably more gray matter (1). The gray matter ensures that our brain can process information.

2. Strengthens your immune system. Research shows that 8 weeks of meditation affect your immune system positively (2). There was found a large increase in the number of antibodies against viruses.

3. Reduces pain. By only meditating 4 days 20 minutes, you can reduce pain considerable (3).

4. Reduces inflammation. Multiple studies show that through daily meditation a reduction of inflammation at the cellular level (4) (5) (6).

5. Makes more positive. By meditating, you get more positive emotions (7). The more you meditate with the years, the more positive your emotions.

6. Reduces depression. By meditating, depressive feelings can become part of the past (8).The subjects also suffered less from brooding which also made them to get quicker out of a negative spiral.

7. Reduces fears. Previous studies show that meditation works positive if you plagued by fears (9) (10). A 3 year research concluded that meditation can have a long term effect, making you fear durably remain on distance (11).

8. Reduces stress. People who meditate regularly have clearly less of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood (12, 13).These proofs were very convincing.

9. Improves your social life. The sense of connection to your fellow man is increasing (14) and social isolation decreases.

10. Compassion is increasing. The sympathy for the others on this earth is increasing (15).

11. Your hippocampus is larger. The hippocampus is responsible for remembering information. (16)

12. Your cortical areas in the brain be thicker. On scans is visible that your brain changes through meditation. Especially the areas responsible for observing, cognition and emotional processing are increasing (17).

13. Improves your concentration. According to multiple researches, you will be able to hold your attention better if you meditate. (18) (19).

14. Less sleep. By going deep in meditation your entire body can relax and thus also your brain (20).

Do you want to learn to meditate? It’s possible on a lot of locations, for example, in De Roos, Studio Open, Boeddhistisch Centrum, and in many community centers.


Photo credits: Pixabay