Herbs and spices

Between the coffee shops and tourist shops in the heart of Amsterdam you find this gem of a store. Started as a market trader on the Amsterdam Nieuwmarkt, Jacob Hooy is known since 1743. His name has become an understanding in Amsterdam when you are looking for herbs and spices. The health store on the kloveniersburgwal has an old-fashioned grocery look. It is crowded with many wooden kegs and extendable drawers. Secretly I would like to open all the sliding drawers myself to see what’s inside.

Teas and sweets

As it befits a grocery store, they sell teas and sweets. You can buy your loose tea per kilo or in smaller packaging. Delicious flower tea or blueberry tea. You’ll find old Dutch candy in jars on the counter, but also sweets with healthy benefits as Laurel liquorice and peppermint. Peppermint has a beneficial effect on your stomach and a stimulating and refreshing effect. The laurel liquorice at Jacob Hooy consists of 100% liquorice root extract and has no other additions. Liquorice has a soothing effect on the stomach and an anti-inflammatory action. Please note; don’t eat liquorice root extract with a high blood pressure!

Pure Powders

Besides the grocery goods like tea and spices, you can also buy powders at the store. And than we are talking about pure powders. Which means ‘no additives’. The powders are meant to take in. You can stir them in a smoothie, fruit juice or yogurt mix. Jacob Hooy sells for example pure chamomile powder that has a soothing and calming effect on your stomach. But also powders with exotic names such as Ashwaganda and Muira Puama. According to the website of Jacob Hooy Ashwaganda has a positive influence on the energy metabolism and mental wellbeing. Ashwaganda is a herb from India. Muiro Puama works on a completely different area: it increases your libido and is an aphrodisiac.

Oil and liquids

It is fairly unique for a store in the centre of Amsterdam to be able to sell liquid and oil in bulk packaging. For example, almond oil as the base for your homemade massage oil, but also alcohol for if you want to create natural tinctures. Everything is also for sale online. The online store of Jacob Hooy is called Puurenkracht.nl.

Photocredits: Hanneke Sloof