Beautiful designs by Sas Design

When my friend Louise still had her clothing store in the Jordaan, I went there regularly on Saturdays. Having a coffee and catching up after shopping on the Noordermarkt. Besides clothes she also sold earrings that were made by Sas Design. I instantly fell for these earrings, because the silver and golden earrings are a mixture of gemstones. That was the start of a large earring collection, as there is a beautiful design for each occasion.

Energy of gems

Because I feel the energy of gemstones, the earrings have a double effect on me. They’re not only beautiful in an aesthetic way, but when I for instance need more clearness in my head, I wear the earrings with amethyst. If I want to communicate better, I wear the chalcedony ones. If I have a need for softness I wear my earrings with rose quartz.

Meanwhile I have personally gotten to know entrepreneur and designer Saskia Schellen. Her website tells she already collected brilliant objects as a child, and how everything fell into place after her study anthropology and her first trip around the world. Her collection of beautiful objects started with jewelry, shawls and children’s clothing from India, and has grown into the jewelry brand Sas Design.


By now I have ignited my sister Saskia and a few girlfriends with the Sas Design virus. Because I want to share my passion for the Sas Design earrings, I recently decided to sell them in my Studio Open ( And once the webshop is finished, the earrings will also be available on the Under the name ‘Nicolien’s choice‘ I have chosen five models with my five favorite stones: rose quartz, amethyst, cairngorm, labradorite and chalcedony.

If you want to view the whole collection of Sas Design then I suggest to visit the store, that is situated in De 9 Straatjes. Or visit the website:

Photo credits: Martin van Wier