I am not crazy!

Do you recognise the situation that you get someones advice to go see someone to talk about your problems and you don’t think you need to? I can understand that. It was also a big step for me to go see a therapist.

To talk with a therapist

I was still young, 25 years, and although in my heart it felt like if I was doing the right thing to go talk to someone, it also felt as a failure. But I couldn’t work things out on my own and conversations with my girlfriends weren’t enough. And I still have problems sometimes asking for help.

Listen and empathise

The perfectionists among us will perhaps be the least quickest ones to ask for help. Or the people who are close to getting a burn-out will only intervene when it is too late. I have taken the step to go see a therapist and I am extremely happy about it. I found it very nice to talk to someone who has no opinion, finds nothing crazy and has time to listen carefully to what you say and how you say it. Someone who attempts to emphasise with me and asks questions which make you look at things or feel things from a different perspective.

To get to your essence

I learned so much from it and therefore decided to also learn the trade; that turned into four beautiful years of studying. It is very rewarding work to guide people and from each conversation I learn more about myself. Even though it’s all about the client, it is also an equal cooperation. Clients sometimes think that I have the solution to their problem. I don’t and I can never have. I believe that every person knows in their core what is good for him. A therapist helps you to get to this core. Not such a weird idea right?!

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Photocredits: Els Bruin