How satisfied are you with your free time? Can you use all your talent in it? Sometimes it feels for me as if the time slips through my fingers like sand. I have a life filled with fun and sports activities. Yet I feel a strong need to spent my valuable time to something with a purpose, a direction that suits me. Not only in my work, but also in my spare time I want to use my talent.

Career anchor

The American professor emeritus Edgar Schein says it is not for nothing that talent is more than just your skills and competencies. Maybe you have heard of the concept career anchor which he anchor-390510_960_720-pixabayhas written a well-known book about. “Your career is a combination of observed competence areas, motivation and values that you don’t want to give up; it stands for your true self. ” During your career you develop a picture of yourself about what your talent is. You find out your strengths and weaknesses. But you will also discover what your key drivers (what do I really want) and values are. Your values are the main criteria on which you must assess what you are doing. The further you come in your career, the stronger the need to get all these elements of your talent in line with each other. Do you feel that there’s s a friction in your free time? Then this may very well be the cause.

Put your talent on the move

Talent can be seen as a driving force in all segments of your life. For me talent has become in each case a good guide for an active and meaningful leisure time. I’ll make more conscious use of my time and I feel more balance. I have discovered by active self-examination and getting feedback, you can recognize your talents. I really want to share my knowledge and help to get your talent moving. You can join in with my workshop “create more space for your talent” on Saturday 5 November.

Photo credits: Pixabay.com