Celebrate love on Valentine’s Day

Especially for the love-birds among us, this is a blog about Valentine’s Day. Because commercial or not … the love may be celebrated more often and why not just do it immediately on February 14th! But, where? And how? Look no further: we give you tips!

Sunday Roast

On Sunday, hotspot Roest (in Amsterdam East) organises a Sunday Roast. This is a social culinary matter in which there is a joint feast where a pure and honest animal of the spit is eaten. On Sunday the 14th of February the Sunday Roast is all about Valentine’s Day.

Conservatorium Hotel

Surprise your love with a hotel night in your own town! At the oh so beautiful Conservatorium Hotel you can book a package specially for Valentine’s Day with, for example, a spa treatment. Or go for the foodie package and dine at restaurant Taiko!

The Big Dating show

Bachelor? Go to the Food Halls (known as: De Food Hallen) in Amsterdam West on Sunday! Here they organise The Big Datingshow. A blind speed date with three potential partners at the same time. Who knows, you might meet your big love here!

Local Goods Market

On Saturday and Sunday you can browse the Local Goods Market at The Halls (known as: De Hallen). And of course, the market is this weekend in the theme of Valentine’s Day. Here you shop romantic stuff with your love.

A romantic dinner

Or are you two going for a romantic dinner together? Our picks for restaurants are: Kaagman & Kortekaas (French cuisine), Koevoet (Italian cuisine) and Mana Mana (vegetarian cuisine).

Movies with a view

Do you remember back in the day when you went to the movies with your date? Go to the movies at Pllek on Valentine’s Day! With the special Valentine package you can enjoy a 3-course dinner after which you can stick around to watch a romantic movie.


Of course with Valentine’s Day comes chocolate, lots of chocolate! At Van Soest they make craft chocolate and they have a special range for Valentine’s Day, also available for purchase online.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


PS. are you gonna stay the night at home with your love and would you like to set up some sweet love songs? We have a Valentine’s Day playlist for you that you might like!