Me and myself

After the soft launch of I started to feel. Joy about what we already had achieved, but also a huge tiredness. This was because I had gone past signals that I should have taken seriously. Signs of fatigue, poor sleep, irritation and the voice that told me to slow down. I failed by not getting me time: time for myself.

Always something to do

As an entrepreneur I can keep myself busy all the time: with my customers, accounting, the studio, pr and promotion, the websites and retraining. And I also like ding most of those things I do! The art is for me to keep the balance between work and leisure. I often advice this to my clients, entrepreneurs that I know and friends that are exactly the same. Nowadays it is usually a flu that stops me. These are moments in which I realise how incredibly important it is to have me time. Time for reflection, time for sleep, time for idleness or just something you haven’t done for a long time. To me it’s cooking, go to the museum or to have a lazy day.

Integrate me time

The crux is how you know how to integrate me time in your busy life. For me the gym with the sauna is a great start to the day. I don’t have to think about anything, only to do the exercises and I can relax in the sauna. Hiking, yoga or dancing is also something which recharges me.

You may wonder why, in busy times, you never plan those things enough. Is it the pressure of the environment or the lack of self care? It is still a challenge for me. I realise that I therefore really have to schedule me time in my agenda. Especially after a deadline or the completion of a project! An appointment with myself. Me and myself alone.

That is my intention for this coming time, are you joining me?