Energy is to be felt in everything

A shiatsu client of mine recently asked what energy is. A tricky question, because everything is energy! It is in yourself, between people, in situations, objects, animals and places. In this blog I  like to tell more about what energy means for me.


Energy is called in science Energetica. This is the name for different theories within various areas of science and (alternative) medicine, which have in common that they are natural phenomena and describe life forms in terms of energy and energy transformations. (Source:

Different for everyone

For me, energy is a very tangible thing. As a child I felt all the energy of people, trees and stones. Everyone has a different energy system. Some people always seem to have a large dose of it and can continue forever. Other run out of their energy supply a lot faster by, for example, stress, emotion or overload. This can even lead to burnout.

Conscious use of energy

In alternative medicine there are different theories about the human energy system. I have learned over the years to deal better with my energy, by learning more about the theory of meridian stretching and the theory of chakras.

The theory of meridian

In Chinese medicine they say Ki, or life energy. Everyone is born with a certain amount of life energy and declines during your life. This is influenced by many factors: food, lifestyle, constitution, emotions, stress, exercise and work.

Energie energyThe theory of chakras

The theory of chakras is based on various energy centers; the chakras. If these centres are in balance, you will function optimally. There are seven chakras in the body (see figure opposite). All these chakras are interconnected and affect each other. They are also connected with the meridians.

Are you curious about how to become more aware of your own energy? I regularly organize the workshop energy awareness in Studio Open. During this workshop I examine the functioning of chakras further. You are more than welcome.

Photo credits: Unsplash