In the moment

The last time I wrote in my blog that I decided to write on Facebook in a moment of fear. I wanted to do this to explore what is so exciting about an anxiety feeling and to share this at the same moment.

A week later the time was there. I went to a training with a new group of people and noticed that this triggered fear. What I noticed in my body was a retraction movement. At the height of my heart I experienced a kind of metal plate. And there was no impulse to share something about my anxiety. At that time, it seemed unnatural. To crawl back in a little hole and wait until it passed, was a tendency that occurred.

Lust for life

By sharing while I was afraid was precisely what let to space for other feelings. It gave me air to write about my experience. I noticed that my energy came back and that I got lust for life.

The following question came to my mind: ‘what is so terrible about sharing my fear?’


The moment you open yourself for your fear and that the sensations may be there, is a moment without something to hold on. In such a situation, you have nothing to cling to, it literally feels a bit wobbly.

This is a very nice open state, vulnerable and soulfully. And it looks more like reality than most moments in which you have everything under control.

Fear is nothing more than an experience, like joy, one where is a lot to discover.

Curious about fear?

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Photo credits: Pixabay