Healthy and sustainable getaway

Would you like to do some nice shopping and find a lot of healthy products in one place? That is possible! Every Saturday there is the farmers market on the Noordermarkt (North market): the bustling heart of Amsterdam. One of the nicest, hippest and friendliest places to be. This farmers market is in the heart of the Jordaan, in rain or sunshine. There you can get your ‘normal groceries’, such as vegetables, cheese, milk, bread and meat, but with the difference that everything is organic. Or even organic-dynamic. It’s super healthy and all the products have much more flavour. There are many different stalls in which farmers from the area sell their wares.

To try

Except for your daily products you can also try out a lot of special products at the farmers market. For example, there is a stand with the very best olive oils, olives and tapenades. Here you can try on a piece of fresh white bread, which oil or tapenade you like the best. This is one of my favourite stalls. There is also a stand with all kinds of delicious goat cheese; from old to very old and creamy young. Also here you can try and taste. And for when you have a large appetite, you can get a delicious crepe. Made in front of you, as fresh as you can get them.

Special products

At the farmers market, you can see the real animal lovers: beekeepers who sell their honey and also keep feeding their bees in wintertime with their own honey. This produces the most delicious honey and the feeling that you contribute to the balance in the world. In addition you’ll find stalls with essential oils, organic plants, grains and dried fruit and homemade jams and marmalade.

Healthy snacking

You can also buy many products for healthy snacking. The dried fruits, such as pieces of mango, coconut and apple are delicious. And there is chocolate for sale with more than 70 or 80 percent cocoa in it. That is the chocolate in which many articles is written about the healthy side effects of it. They also contain less sugar than an average chocolate bar from the grocery store. So they are also nice for your children.

For more information, have a look on: Noordermarkt.

Photocredits: Hanneke Sloof