Read it back in your hands

“How did you became a hand analyst?” I certainly get that question asked weekly. And no, as a child I did not had that in mind. I wanted to become a pilot. And between wanting to become a pilot and a hand analyst also to become a dj, psychologist and minister of development, where future dreams. In all those dreams were pieces of me. And I can read all those pieces back I my own hands now.

Pieces of the puzzle

There are lines of curiosity about people. I’ve had that curiosity from an early age. People inspire me in all their diversity. Combine that with the position of my finger which points to whimsy. There I went on my own as an 18-year-old to live and work in the slums of Africa with children and young adult artists. Back in the Netherlands my analytical hand shape didn’t lie. I went to University where I got my master of social sciences. For nine years I worked in development with people from all over the world.

Around my 30th birth year the harsh planet Saturn came along. Which asked me the question if I was being true to myself. My hands after all told me about psychological insight, care and healing energy.

On that clear moment I made the exciting step in a new direction. I started the training to become a hand analyst and coach and fully focused myself on my new career and two beautiful children who came dancing into my life.

Unique life stories

Now, 6 years later, with much love I read hands of all kinds of people. Hands full of unique life stories. People who come across themselves in this beautiful and hectic world, positively and negatively. With questions to which they look for answers. Questions about relationships, work, family, health, future and creativity. The answer to these questions is in ourselves. The beauty is that these answers are in your hands. And as a hand analyst I’m aloud to read it out to you. My hands have brought me home. For more information, have a look at De Handleiding.

Would you like to let someone read your hands to know what they tell you; go to a hand analyst!

 Photocredits: Jacquelien Weel