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Shiatsu makes you feel good! But what does it do exactly? Shiatsu is a form of Meridian treatment, based on the Oriental medical tradition, and uses the application of pressure. This form of Meridian treatment was developed in Japan.

Oriental medicine

Oriental medicine is both a science and an art that focuses on the interplay between the body and its surroundings. This tradition is dated back from well before our era. The body is described as a kind of microcosm that whether or not reflects the (outside) cosmos in a constant search for the right balance: the tao. The ideas of Oriental medicine is the basis of the application of shiatsu.

Entry point

Shiatsu makes you feel goodAn entry point is the energetic functioning of a human being in the broadest sense of the word. By means of applying pressure on the skin and carrying out political ideologies and manipulations the ki, or the life energy, is invited to flow in order to ensure optimal well-being. What is addressed is the self healing power: shiatsu activates the body awareness and the ability to create a new balance.

Style indication

Zen Shiatsu is an uniquely styled style indication original developed by Shizuto Masunaga. She is different from other styles by the emphasis on the traditional principles of Oriental medicine, the meridian concept and the cooperation between the two hands. Zen Shiatsu ® is a registered trademark since 1996. (Source:

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The best way is to experience the treatment yourself to discover what it does to you.  Colleagues of my training Zen Shiatsu in Amsterdam have made a movie with the treatment and the comments and experiences of different clients. See it yourself!

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