Botanical heart of the city

One of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam is the Hortus Botanicus. There is always something special to see. There are immemorial plants and trees and there is also a beautiful high greenhouse with a tropical climate: the Palm Greenhouse.

The outdoor garden

Over the course of the centuries the outdoor garden has been changed regularly. The garden was first constructed on its current location in 1682. It was then a formal, geometric set of rectangular and circular sections, with on the sunny side room for exotic plants that thrive in heat. The outside garden must have been a space that was open and orderly, without too many trees. The garden’s current varied layout is originated in the 19th century (Source:


In addition to all the plants and trees outside, there are plants and trees in the three greenhouses. The monumental Palm Greenhouse accommodates some of the oldest tub plants in the world. And in the modern Three Climate Greenhouse you find the climate zones subtropics, tropics and desert.

For the kids

There is plenty to do for kids, with the Butterfly Greenhouse being the highlight! Gorgeous exotic butterflies are flying around everywhere and you have the sensation of walking through the jungle.

Guided tours

You can walk around the Hortus Botanicus yourself. There are guided tours at fixed times; see the Hortus website for more information. There are also fixed theme routes, such as the Tree Route and the Moninckx Atlas Route.

Access all year round

As a Friend of the Hortus you will help to preserve this unique place. For € 32 you can access the Hortus all year round; for € 64 you can get a family membership!

The Signature of All Things

A personal book tip: would you like to read a beautiful story about the first female botanist, who travels from America to Haiti and ends up in Holland, where she works in the Hortus? Then read The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert. Available at


Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Plantage Middenlaan 2a
1018 DD Amsterdam

020 625 90 21

Opening hours: every day from 10.00 till 17.00


Photo credits: Facebook/Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam