Magic Balls from Lush

Fresh, handmade, not tested on animals and with a heart for sustainability: that’s Lush Fresh handmade cosmetics. Your heart will start beating a little faster when you read the story of Lush. They want nothing more than to produce animal-friendly and environmentally conscious. Everything is made with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, the best essential oils and safe, synthetic ingredients. In addition to cosmetics for adults, there is also lots available for kids, including beautiful magic balls!

For the kids

You get stunning colour effects in the bathtub with the Dragon’s Egg! When your child steps into the bath when it’s filled with water, you gently let go of the magic ball into the water. While the ball slowly bubbles up, it creates a beautiful swirling colour effect what the little ones will find really great to watch and play with. But what I really like, are the Fun products.


A Fun product is multifunctional. It looks like a crayon or a rolled up piece of clay. You can actually clay something with it or create bubbles in the bathtub. But you can also wash your hair with it, use it in the shower, etcetera. They come in five different scents and colours:

Blue: lavender and chamomile – to sleep well;
Yellow: vanilla – because it smells so nice;
Green: lemon and lime – to start the day, as it refreshes;
Red: mandarin and orange – because it makes you happy and smells like summer;
Pink: sweets – because they smell like candies.

Monsters and Aliens

You can also opt for a mix of Fun, they are called Monsters and Aliens. Or Rainbowfun. Anything is possible, because your child can also clay something in different colours. The comments of the mums are blazing: “My 4-year-old mini monster (;-)) never wanted to have a bath. Especially having to wash his hair was a drama. But now with the ‘ Seamonsters ‘ it is good. He wants to wash his own hairs…”


Lush has shops in Amsterdam and a webshop. The shops are on Kalverstraat 98 and Leidsestraat 14 and in the new IJ-Hall on Amsterdam CS.

Photocredits: Lisan Akkerman