Yoga at YAY

I like them: those places that bring all good things together. The whole as one principle. Take for example YAY Health Store, Café & More. A health store, where they sell pure, fair trade and sustainable products. A cafe you go to for a juice, a coffee, a cake (a healthy one of course), a cup of tea or raw food. And what’s “more”? Workshops, events and… yoga! YAY!

Where at first I weekly followed my friend Merel’s yoga classes, I have to admit that over the last year it has kind of fallen through. Or actually, if we’re being honest… I went exactly 0 times. For 2016 I’m going to change my approach and that is why I have been looking for new yoga spots in Amsterdam. And what turns out when I dive into YAY’s yoga world: Merel is teaching here!

Class with breakfast

YAY offers six different yoga classes, I read on their website: Morning Flow Vinyasa, Evening Flow Vinyasa, Basic Hatha Practice, Dynamic Ashtanga Practice, Relaxed and Grounded Yoga, Martial Arts Yoga. A class to wake up your body, a class to support your breathing, a class to learn about letting go, a class to reduce stress… all super interesting and there’s something for everyone. I myself am instantly interested in the morning class. Nice coincidence: when you buy a class + breakfast for only 15 euro, a delicious, healthy breakfast is served after class. Perfect way to start your day!

You understand: my first class is planned! And if possible I will test all classes. Stay tuned, because I will give an update about my experiences shortly.

Want to know more about the various classes at YAY? Click here!

Photo credits: Facebook page YAY Health Store, Café & More

YAY Health Store, Café & More
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