Outside and Inside

I ‘m not really a person for outdoor sport. I ‘m afraid I ‘ll get too cold with the result: too many layers in which I hardly can move. The area around my studio on the outskirts of the Watergraafsmeer however, lends itself well to an outdoor activity. For that reason, I organized an outdoor Pilates lesson in December.

Lesson outdoor Pilates

We were lucky; The sun was shining! The route went over the Ringdijk along the water and on the way back between the football fields. Along the way I discovered different opportunities to train the body, with the Pilates – principles in mind. I made use of power bands. Sweaty we arrived in the studio where we completed the training with exercises we couldn’t do outdoors.

Benefits outdoor sports

Worth repeating, because I also saw the benefits of outdoor sports:

o Many people work inside and it is a good idea to go more frequently outside;

o The green area is soothing and it increases at the same time energy;

o The walk adds a cardio element;

o You see something of the area.

Help full tips

Would you like to exercise outdoors individually in your own neighbourhood? Than use the following tips:

  • Purchase a power band; which is easy to take with you and affordable;
  • Find a route of about 40 minutes. Including the inside exercises; your training will last 60 minutes;
  • Choose your route as green as possible; Green helps you to stay in the moment;
  • Look around and use stairs to improve your condition;
  • With the power band you can carry out exercises, using benches and lampposts. Plenty of exercises can be found on the Internet;
  • Choose a fixed date in your agenda! ‘Because: ‘and then tomorrow, and then tomorrow, then tomorrow, and of course tomorrow never comes.

In a group

Do you want to participate in a group Pilates outdoor? On Wednesday, May 18 at 6:30 pm. You can sign up on my site Back in Balance Pilates outdoor.

Photo credits: Danielle Raats