An unexpected moment at the table

Martin, one of the regular photographers of, sat at our table for consultation. We wanted to have some photos taken of products for our webshop we are planning to start up soon. While we were talking, the making of movies or animations came up in our conversation. Martin told us he was developing himself further on this field and was experimenting. By the way, he had just finished something that involved music and image. Of course we were curious and wanted to see the result. All together we sat down behind the computer.

1 minute and 48 seconds

That’s how long we breathlessly looked at what we later called ‘a brief meditative moment’. For a moment it made us forget everything. We were in the now! It’s beautiful what only an abstract image and some music can do to you. We regarded it as a small and unexpected gift.

When the movie ended, we called in unison: this has to be put on Martin thought this was a good idea and now we can share it with you. We hope you will appreciate this meditative moment just as much as we did. Enjoy!

Green Beauty

The title of the movie is ‘Green Beauty’. Seems an appropriate name to us. A sneak preview on how it’s made: a dark closet, water and… a lot of patience. Martin, thank you for sharing your work with us, we challenge you to come with more.

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Video and photo credits: Martin van Wier.

Music credits: Relaxdaily N°056 via Youtube.