The power of creativity

It’s pleasantly noisy in the room. On all tables are paint, brushes and containers of water. The children are painting. They are painting their previously made works of clay and when they’re done with that, they can paint whatever they want on paper. And that works!

Space for fantasy

There is production all around; the paper stack shrinks and the table is soon covered with works of arts. Every now and then you hear: “Look miss, a plane that draws a long line through the sky,” whereby the brush is lifted off the paper and moves through the air. “This is my little brother, he is still very small and still in mummy’s belly.” What keeps them busy is revealed in their creativity.

creatief 2 ReflectionSpace for feeling

Sometimes there is a small collision. The one paints on the paper of the other or the brush touches the apron of the neighbor. A cup of water falls over. That startles M. He takes his paper and paint and asks in broken Dutch if he may sit at a table by himself. He’s allowed.


There is a rainbow of colors on his paper. He then folds it up. The rainbow prints itself. M looks at the paper and then at me and says, “Look! I made a nice reflection!” I make M a compliment that he has chosen to sit alone himself and has worked very well. He beams and can’t put it into words. But by looking at him and his ‘reflection‘ I can tell he knows what he needs and is able to look at himself.

Discover new insights together

Children can express themselves in creative and educational activities. Therefore there are workshops for different groups. The workshops are organized by the TOREN van Klinker. They are always special, always creative, always a discovery. The TOREN van Klinker stands for building together, discovering new views and insights together, and for rising above yourself. For more information please visit

When children are given the space, they can release express their feelings in their creativity!

Photo credits: Mirjam van Klink