To observe and enjoy

Landscapes with distant horizons, beautiful cloudy skies, spring fragrances and scenic village views. Soft, pliant reed, sounds of birds and a mild Southwest breeze. To move myself through this beautiful palette of observations on my bike with the wind through my hair. With a cup of coffee on a terrace where I can enjoy all the impressions. And to come home afterwards with a relaxing feeling and space in my head. Cycling is a favorite activity of mine that contributes to the well being of my body and mind, both inextricably linked.

To feel, see and be

Usually I go without a plan and I let myself be guided by brain waves and the route will create itself. Once the sounds of Amsterdam and the inhabited world slowly goes extinct, the real enjoyment starts. By taking in calmly about what is present, thoughts dissolve in the vast landscape. The senses open up and create space to feel, see and be. To feel the nature and the weather and the wind, to see the beauty of things, and to experience this all with awareness and therefore to just be.

Satisfaction in spring

Every time again, I’m positively surprised about the effect of a bike ride: leave in work mode, and come back satisfied and in a more relaxed position. It definitely works as a meditation for me. And the good thing about it is: everything is already present in the proximity. Within 20 minutes you are out of town and there are plenty of destinations around Amsterdam, whether for a short or a longer trek. Which is possible to do on a regular bike! Each season has its charm, but for me spring is the perfect time to go out and about. Cycling is a real treat for my body & mind, and I can highly recommend it to anyone!