Wish boats as a distraction

Naima (7) and Milou (6) sitting next to each other at the table and are in a quarrel. I really want to start the activity with the group, but it seems first something else has to be done.

Naima and Milou know each other from the neighborhood and from the after-school activities. They are pulling and pushing each other and the language is becoming more and more abusive. I put an extra table and pull the troublemakers apart. But first I want to start the activity before trying to talk with them about the quarrel

Milou comes to rest now that she has more space but Naima is sad. She cries and shows no interest to tinker. I tell her that I will be right back, but that first the group must work.

Wishes come true

Today we are making wish boats. A paper boat on which a wish can be written. The boat is then folded and can be decorated. We will let the boats sail, of course in the hope that the wishes come true!

If all children are at work and I go to Naima, it turns out she is drawing her wish. She knows exactly what she wants, can fold the boat herself and is busy with decorating. I let her work and wait if she comes back on the quarrel.

Creativity let you forget

By the time the boats are ready Naima comes up to me. Proudly she shows her boat and asks me how it is possible that she was so sad. That she totally forgot it while she was tinkering. I tell her that it is the power of creativity! That will let you forget, makes you to think about other things and to feel happy again. Radiant Naima says goodbye and leaves hand in hand with Milou.

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Photo credits: Mirjam van Klink