Move in harmony

The elements are always there, they are everywhere. Bright present, day in, day out. In the Elements-yoga the five elements are central: earth, water, fire, air and space. As human beings, we are part of nature. The elements are therefore just as well clear in us, day in, day out. By learning about the dynamics between the elements, you can improve your functioning in everyday life. Elements-yoga helps you to find more rest to discover your direction, to divide your energy and to connect better with yourself and your environment. Depending on the season or other natural conditions in and around us, exercise and relaxation exchange intermittently in the Elements-yoga for more balance in body and mind.

Five elements

Everything is constantly changing, both in the world as in the human body. The five elements keep each other in balance and include connectedness to different organs, energy levels (or meridians), seasons, colours, scents and sounds. Elements-yoga makes you aware of the course of everything in nature and therefore also in yourself.

Spring is coming

Spring is the beginning of the growing season, the energy that pulled itself back in the earth during the winter months breaks loose. Step by step, nature around us and in ourselves comes to life. The light takes over from the dark. To experience the most out of every season, Elements-yoga works as a wonderful support to move along in harmony with what is.

Elements Yoga in Amsterdam

Would you like to try Elements Yoga? That is possible in Take Five Studio in Amsterdam Westerpark, with for example Neel Schmidt and Ista Boszhard. You can practice Elements Yoga both group related  or as one-on-one. Read more about the possibilities on Elemental Flow or check the calendar of Studio Take Five.

Photocredits: Neel Schmidt