The alignment

Do you have knee problems, lower back or hip problems? “The alignment of your body starts with your feet,” says Daan Timmers of Yogalab, “actually, just as aligning the wheels of a car“.

The feet

The position of the feet has more influence on your well-being than you think. How often do you take the time for the care of your feet? The feet are extremely important. After all, these two feet carry your whole body and bring you every day everywhere. Are you regular aware of this? I am often on my heels and the outer edge of both of my feet. Am very curious what this says about my overall body position and what I can learn about this in the workshop of Daan.

The Workshop

Daan Timmers is, together with Patrick Booy, owner of Yogalab. She gives an inspirational feet-workshop on Sunday 4 September 2016, from 9.30 a.m. to 16:00. Daan lets you during this workshop experience the importance of a good foundation. Actually it is just a very small surface that touches the ground when you walk. Reason enough to ensure that your feet are and remain in good condition. In this workshop you will learn why many physical complaints are related to neglected feet. Besides this, you will learn about the importance off “barefoot walking”. During the second part of the day you can make your own barefoot shoes of leather. Actually you can use them immediately when you walk home.

Unfortunately, I have an appointment on Sunday 4 September, so I’m going to join the next workshop and just must have some patient.

Would you like to know more about your feet and the workshop? Please check the Yogalab website

So remember:

Date: Sunday 4 September 2016;

Time: from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm;

Address: Koningsstraat 36, 1011 EW Amsterdam (Nieuwmarkt).