Holiday feeling for those who stay at home

No holiday for you this summer? You have to keep working? Or you just hate to go away? Then you can still enjoy a holiday feeling. Read these tips for those who stay at home. Discover how to relax and get through this summer without too much stress.


Not for everyone holiday is a success. If you’re unlucky, as 17 percent of the Dutch, you even feel worse after the holidays than before your departure. Because, even during your holiday, everything can go wrong. Especially if you build more and more tension during the year, an unpleasant experience can just be the last drop. (see also; Sick during your Holidays)

Tips for those who stay at home

  1. Break the routine. On holiday it’s pretty easy to escape from your daily routine. But how do you do that if you need to keep on working? You have breakfast, you check your mail and then take a shower. If that is your normal rhythm, turn it around. Do you have your appointments mostly in the morning? Plan them now in the afternoon. Just take another route home. In short, do everything in another way!
  2. Do what you like A tip that looks obvious, but often you will not do it. Make your activities concrete. Meet up with a friend for a day trip. Take an hour for yourself and wright it in your agenda. By doing things you make beautiful memories, and in this way your sense of happiness will increase. You will find enough ideas on
  3. Search the nearby Why are we always looking for something different, something new, something what is not here but only there? You don’t have to go away to find rest. You don’t have to travel far to get new insights. Everything is close by. If you only have attention for the everyday.

More holiday feeling?

Do you want to know more about the scientific explanation of these tips? Jessica de Bloom wrote a book about it. Hoe kun je relaxt weer opstarten na je vakantie (How you can relaxed start up again after your holiday? More about this in the next blog holiday feeling. Or check in advance which holiday competences you need to enjoy your holiday feeling longer. Previous tips can be found in holiday feeling 1 and holiday feeling 2 on this site.

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