Natural curing of animals

A while ago my dog had an inflammation. Antibiotics had no effect. In the meantime, her toenail wasn’t looking good at all. Her fifth toe was swollen, red and purulent. My vet indicated that the inflammation was in a difficult spot and suggested to amputate the toe. I found that way to rigorous and asked for another antibiotics. When that didn’t help and I didn’t want to place my older dog under anesthesia for an inflammation, I didn’t know what to do anymore.

Alternative veterinarian

I went looking for an alternative veterinarian in Amsterdam and ended up at vet Caspar Broekhuizen. My question was how we could increase the self-healing ability of my Jack Russell. He said we needed time. That seemed like a good answer and an appointment was made quickly.

Natural medicine

First of all he proposed to give my dog probiotics. After two antibiotics cures her immune system was pretty rattled. Furthermore he gave me natural antibiotic drops (All Septicum) and she had to go in a baking soda bath every day. I had to put comfrey oitment on the wound twice a day. During the consultation my dog got acupuncture. No needles, he does that too, but on the acupuncture pressure points she got a glass bottle with the proper remedies. The bottles were taped down so they could do their work. Caspar always takes his time and makes sure that the dog doesn’t get any extra stress. A very different sight than with my own vet. There she immediately gets a muzzle on, while you can see that she is terrified.

Time and patience

It took a lot of time and patience, but I was sure about it. I put all my motherly love into it. And the toe is completely cured. A month and a half later we could start dismantling the ritual of cleaning, lubrication and giving drops. The inflammation is totally gone. Thanks to acupuncture and herbs.

Would you like to let your dog checked by an alternative veterinarian; check out alternative veterinary medicine.

photocredits: Petra van Vliet