The pleasure of moving at a young age

How nice is it to fall freely and roll over. To have no barriers and to be able to just be yourself. This is what the toddlers and preschoolers do during the weekly lesson in the dojo of Aikido Amsterdam.

First principles of Aikido

In a playful way the children learn the first principles of Aikido. Before the lesson starts they are still playing, running around and romping. But when the lesson begins the children are all sitting in a row to make a joint greeting. “Chin on your chest” the teacher says , and to practice one by one the children say their name with the chin on their chest: “my name is Damien” or “my name is Jente.”

There are many exercises interspersed during the class, they are racing, creeping around and walking on their toes, both forth-and backwards! The children learn to roll forward, first with a bouncing ball, then on a punching bag and ultimately alone. But they also learn the first techniques and try them each lesson again.


Some children find it scary and search for their parents. Parents may also be present as a support, but the rule is: “go and drink a cup of tea in the office.”


A trail is often done during class where children show that they can run, jump and fall. We work with balance and teach them the numbers. At the end of the lesson we do the ‘animal game’, but this is a secret…

For toddlers & Preschoolers in the age of 3-6 years there are aikido lessons on:

o Wednesday from 1.30 to 2.30 pm at location Wenckebachweg;
o Friday from 3.30 to 4.30 pm on location Palmstraat (Jordaan).

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Do you want to know more about how a lesson works; come in and watch a lesson  together with your son or daughter!