Institute of Hair and Health

The best known and greenest hair salon of Amsterdam: that is what you may call the hair salon of Dianne te Mebel by now. She works with two fixed hairdressers and a trainee. Dianne distinguishes herself by working with real natural products for the hair, such as paint by Henna with a mix of plant and herbal extracts. She also has her own line of organic shampoo and the ‘Henna Brownie’s’. Every product  she works with has the eco-label and is not tested on animals. There are at least thirty different kinds of henna colors.


It has been many years since I walked along her little building on the Amstel and decided to ring the doorbell. Dianne, a sympathetic woman with beautifully manicured hair far beyond her waist, welcomed me. We had a nice conversation and I became her customer. The trims and dyeing with henna worked well for my red hair; It felt soft again, and the natural glow came back.

The green hairstylist

Now sustainability and healthy living have become more important, more and more people go to the greenest hair salon of Amsterdam. To get their hair cut and/or to dye it in a responsible way. The hair dye is mixed while you are there, to suit the persons preferences. The salon radiates peace and a nice atmosphere and you will get a very warm welcome and good taken care of by Dianne and her team.

Starter kit

Over time Dianne has developed a ‘Henna Starter Kit for home’. Would you like to learn to work with this? That’s possible at one of the workshops. The next workshop will take place on Sunday March 20th from 12 to 5pm. After this you can also dye your hair at home with responsible products. Read more on Dianne te Mebel.

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Photocredits: Instituut haar en gezondheid.