Learn to meditate with Headspace

As a real workaholic I find it hard to find rest. I prefer to say yes to everything, I work until late at night, I solve everyone’s problems and in remaining hours I plan something social to do. Work hard, play hard. With as a result, every now and then I end up with a thousand thoughts in my head, a hunted feeling, I can’t fall asleep and cope with stress. Time to create some more rest and balance… Time to download the app Headspace!


Take 10

Headspace is a meditation tool. An app which learns you to meditate. Start with the free (yay!) Take 10-program: ten meditation sessions of ten minutes. In which Andy, the owner of Headspace, tells you what meditation is, what it can do for you and how it works. They make use of great animations and drawings to explain more about meditation. For example, have a look at the ‘Expectation’-animation.

During the sessions you will learn to focus on your breathing. And although your thoughts will still often wander off, you’ll also notice that it gets easier to shut yourself down for your environment and to become one with your body. Just to feel again instead of thinking. And extra nice: Andy will guide you through the entire session so that you know exactly what you need to do. When you’ve mastered the basics, you can use the app to schedule private sessions of 10 minutes or more.

The benefits

Start your day with a meditation of ten minutes and you’ll benefit from it all day long. I experience myself that I start the morning with a much quieter mind and during the day I can focus again on my breathing in order to find peace. But also science has shown the benefits of meditation: it decreases stress, increases creativity, it helps you to focus better, it decreases feelings of anxiety.

Curious? Go to www.headspace.com for more information, watch the How it works-video of Headspace or download the app here!

Photocredits: facebook.com/HeadspaceOfficial