In the middle of the forest

Who doesn’t know the Ridammerhoeve goat farm? That fantastic place right in the Amsterdam Forest, where the white goats, chickens and pot-bellied piglets walk around freely and you can feed the little lambs with a bottle of milk? It’s spring now and a good time to visit the Ridammerhoeve once again.

The farm

There are around hundred milk goats walking around on the farm, sixty hens and chicks, lambs, pigs, cows and a calf, a horse and a pony. All products produced on the farm are available in a farm shop. In the cheese cellar goat’s milk is processed into different kinds of cheese, but also yogurt, buttermilk, butter, yoka drink and cottage cheese. Even the ice cream is made from goat’s milk. (Source:

Maternity visit

The first lambs are already born. So you can drop by for a maternity visit. They look so cute and woolly and you would want to cuddle them all day! That’s obviously not the intention, because it scares them. But you can feed them some bottled milk and stroke them. There are always little lambs walking around that are thirsty and like to drink from your bottle. They drink with great enthusiasm and quite some force.

Easter breakfast at the goat farm

Tip for the Easter holidays: book a delicious organic Easter breakfast at the goat farm. From 10:00 (until 11:00) you can have breakfast among the lambs. The children can amuse themselves on this unique location: at the playground, between the lambs or running behind a pot-bellied pig. But be quick, because full is full. For groups please book via


Would you like to be kept informed of lambs that are born, so you can come past for a maternity visit? Follow #geitenboerderij or #lammetjes.  The goat farm is open daily, except on Tuesdays. Opening hours: from 10:00 until 17:00. In the summer months you are even welcome until 19:00. For opening hours always visit the website

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