To be pregnant consciously

To take it easy during your pregnancy and to prepare for the child-birth, while everyday life just goes on, can sometimes be tricky. Especially if your pregnancy doesn’t go quite smoothly … or if you fear for the delivery.


I experienced my pregnancy very intensely and aware. I had an extreme fear of child-birth, which I eventually managed to minimise. I did this, among other things, through meditation, since I had enough time for that, and self-examination. All with the aim to get closer to myself and to stay close to myself. It was really a process in which I gave myself the time to get used to the idea that I was going to give birth. With a positive outcome, because despite the pain, I can say that I’ve had a beautiful delivery. Between contractions I was completely relax! That is what I wish for every mother to happen.


mindfulnessFor that reason, I developed the course Mindful Pregnant about mindfulness for pregnant women. Because if you take good care of yourself, you also take good care of your child in your belly. In this course of 8 weeks you will learn to consciously reflect on your changing body and to make contact with your baby. In addition you mentally prepare for child-birth. It is not like an ordinary pregnancy course. You can always continue to apply these skills in your life, wherever you are. With mindfulness you get insight into your own automatic patterns. You will learn how you can reduce stress as much as possible. And finally, it is a boost for your confidence in your new role as a mother.

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Would you like to go through your pregnancy and child-birth in a mindful way; join the course Mindful pregnant!

Photocredits: Julia Ruijter