Fair traide coffee and loveseats

Anyone who loves coffee, knows it. The Coffeecompany. My favourite Coffeecompany is the one on the Middenweg. It is my second living room. Why? Because they have great coffee! And beautiful loveseats, all the national newspapers and a lot of magazines. It’s so nice to read everything with the dog on my lap and a latte. But they also have very nice tea!

Private coffee plantations

The Coffeecompany is a franchise. All shops that carry this name, have the same recognizable look and style. They are also in contact with coffee growers, in El Salvador and Colombia, to monitor how the plantations look like, the coffee tastes and the employees are treated. Fair trade is of large importance, as well as a balanced approach to nature.

Coffeecompany MiddenwegGoodies

And of course the coffee needs a side dish like a piece of cake or a sandwich. In addition to normal paninis and sugarsweet pies, you can also find gluten-free goodies. There is gluten free bananenloaf, date strips of Yogi & Yousef and there are sweet chocolate date bombs for sale. For breakfast you can choose organic oats or quinoa pumpkin yoghurt. They also serve green smoothies.

Town feel

There is always time for a chat in my Coffeecompany. By now I know most baristas and regular customers and with some I have a really nice contact. Once you get comfortable and fancy a chat, there will always be a fun conversation going on with a mother or father with children. Or just because people have a look at my dog and start a conversation. I think that is the strength of this Coffeecompany: it is a living room, a meeting place for young and old and everything is possible. A town feel in the big city. Dogs, children, adolescents and adults, they all run around. The people are friendly and open. But it’s also possible to read or work for a couple of hours.

Would you like to try the atmosphere and the coffee at this Coffeecompany? Then go to Middenweg 32 in Amsterdam. Open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. For the other locations see www.coffeecompany.nl

Photocredits: Facebook/Coffeecompany.